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23rd May 2018 No Comments

Stunning fall of Malaysia’s Najib ushers in hopes of reform

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia –  Two weeks ago, Malaysia’s Najib Razak was supremely confident of being elected prime minister for a third term. Instead, in a dizzying political drama, he lost an unlosable election and spiraled into ever-deepening disgrace while Malaysians are being feted for advancing democratic values against their global retreat. In a series of […]

23rd May 2018 No Comments

DeVos: Reporting undocumented students is a local decision

WASHINGTON — Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said Tuesday that decisions on whether to report undocumented students to authorities rest with local communities. DeVos was asked during a congressional hearing whether teachers or principals should notify authorities that a student is undocumented. “I think it’s a school decision, a local community […]

23rd May 2018 No Comments

Philip Roth, the Seminal American Novelist, Has Died

Philip Roth, the American literary icon whose novel “American Pastoral” won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, in 1998, has died, at the age of eighty-five, according to friends close to him. His great subjects, as Claudia Roth Pierpont wrote in this magazine, in 2006, included “the Jewish family, sex, American ideals, the betrayal of American […]